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LEDA Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms

The LEDA Free Edition contains a subset of LEDA such as number types, container types, or a variety of data structures. It does not offer optimal runtime efficiency. The LEDA Free Edition can be used by all kinds of users and for almost all standard purposes such as product and software development.

Data Types
• Simple Data Types
• Number Types and Linear Algebra
• Basic Data Types
• Dictionaries
• Priority Queues
• Graphs and Related Data Types
• Basic Data Types for Two-Dimensional Geometry
• Advanced Data Types for Two-Dimensional Geometry
• Basic Data Types for Three-Dimensional Geometry
• Windows/Graphics Data Types
• Miscellanous

Object code packages
Linux, Mac OS X, MS Windows .NET platforms
With or without 1 year support
Free for commercial use and research
For details, visit the LEDA Free Licensing Agreement.

Maintenance & Support

Technical Support
LEDA Free Edition is licensed to you "AS IS", without warranty and support. However, you have the possibility to purchase additional support.

Support includes:
  • Installation support
  • Bug support
  • Platform support
Buy one year support for a team of up to 10 persons for EURO 500 / net. Please contact us for more information.

Source Code

The LEDA Free Edition comes as object code package. For commercial users we offer the corresponding source code for EURO 8,000.00, for pure research we offer it for EURO 3,000.00. Please contact us for more information.

Download LEDA Free Edition

  Please read our LEDA Free Edition Licensing Agreement carefully and click below to agree to its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of the LEDA Free Licensing Agreement, decline where indicated, and do not download, install, copy or otherwise use the software.
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You have to agree to our LEDA Free Edition Licensing Agreement if you wish to download the LEDA Free Edition package.


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